MCT Creamr - Fat Burning MCT Powder


A healthy fat to support low carb and keto lifestyles.

    1. Weight loss and Metabolism - MCT has shown to have positive effects on fat loss and metabolism. When the body uses MCT as an energy source it doesn't crave sugars and carbohydrates.
    2. Brain function and Focus - MCTs are one of the best energy sources for brain function and energy levels. The brain needs medium chain fats to think clearly and stay sharp.
    3. MCT also supports Gut health and Digestion, which allows the body to absorb more nutrients from food, which leads to improved mood and wellbeing.
    4. Consistent Energy Levels - when the body is operating on carbohydrates it constantly needs to be refuelled. MCT oil is a fat that burns for much longer without the energy crashes experienced with carbs.
  • MCT usesMix MCT Creamr into your coffee, tea, shakes or even bake with it. With no mess or digestive issues associated with MCT oil.
  • MCT Creamr uses goMCT (the highest quality MCT on the market) and acacia fibre with no corn, maltodextrin or artificial ingredients.
    Acacia fibre is a prebiotic that is friendly on the gut and doesn't affect blood sugar like many other MCT powders do. Therefore it is 100% Keto friendly.



Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are the perfect healthy fat. This fat is a preferred source of energy for the body over carbohydrates as it is quickly converted into ketones providing energy for the body and brain.