Collagen Creamer Sachets x6


Ketao Collagen Creamer is the most comprehensive Creamer on the market with Collagen, MCT, Grass-Fed Butter, Coconut and Avocado. Zero Carbs, High-Quality Fats and Lean Protein.

Our new sachets are a great way to try Collagen Creamer if you're not wanting to buy the tub. This will give you 6 servings, vs the tub which has 30 servings.

How To Use - Mix Collagen Creamer into your coffee, tea, shakes or even bake with it. Mixes Easily and tastes delicious.

Ingredients - Collagen Creamer uses high quality Collagen Peptides, goMCT, Grass Fed Butter, Pure Coconut, Pure Avocado and Acacia fibre(prebiotic) with no corn, maltodextrin or artificial ingredients.


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