At Ketao our goal is to make low carb and keto living as effective and effortless as possible. Providing you with the products and information to optimise your energy levels, focus, fat burning, and overall health.

The name Ketao is a combination of Ke and Tao. Ke standing for "energy", and Tao standing for "the way" or "the path".

We are committed to only using the highest quality, effective ingredients in our products, and never use any artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.

Ketao was created by Mick Baker

As you can see Mick is an avid coffee and supplement lover.

Mick has a decade of real-world experience in the supplement industry, working alongside nutritionists, naturopaths, and biochemists. Starting out owning supplement stores in Sydney, Australia and testing most of the top selling products on the market.

After testing out every top supplement from pre workouts and proteins to bcaa's, Mick noticed he would often experience asthma, be short of breath or have a skin irritation, right around the time of taking these supplements.

After this occurred multiple times, he decided to dig a bit deeper into many of the ingredients contained in these best selling products, and noticed they all had a few things in common. One commonality was that they all contained sucralose and acesulfame K, 2 artificial sweeteners that are similar to aspartame and can be up to 200 times sweeter than sugar, helping to make supplements taste good.

After doing some reading he found that these ingredients also cause stomach issues, reduce healthy gut flora and overall don't do anything positive for the body. Apart from ingredients, labeling of these products was also something of concern, with many proprietary blends and numbers used to confuse the consumer of what was really in the product.

This lead Mick to creating Ketao, a company that would make products that only have high-quality ingredients, with an easy to read label and only using natural flavours.

Mick believes that the key to a healthy mind and body is the right nutrition starting out with real food from high quality ingredients.