Keto Activate 90 Capsules - Made in AU


Finally, Australian Made Keto Activate Capsules have arrived!

Keto Activate Capsules have 50% more ketones than Keto Capsules on the market. Containing a massive 2.4g of BHB per 3 capsules and contain 90 capsules per bottle. Other BHB capsules in the market have only 1.2g and 60 capsules.

Key pts:

  • Made in Australia
  • Highest ketones in the market our of every product.
  • Perfect for travel, topping up your ketone levels.
  • Focus and energy boost when your concentration is fading.

Made in Australia using the highest quality ketones in the market GOBHB.

Recommendation: Take 3 capsules daily with or without food. You may open up the capsules and put into water or a shake if preferred. For 

For best results combine with Keto Cleanse and or Collagen Creamer.

*Please keep in mind that the desired output may vary for each and every consumer, individually, with Ketao products. 



Keto Activate 90 capsules: goBHB (Pure ketones)

Keto Activate Powder: goBHB, yerba mate, stevia

goBHB is a patented form of betahydroxybutyrate, which is the most absorbable form of ketones for the body.

Grass fed collagen, MCT (from coconuts, avocado, grass fed butter, coconut.

Our products are made in and shipped from Melbourne, VIC.