Note: This recipe doesn't qualify as Keto, however it's packed with high quality fats, protein and complex carbohydrates. So if following a strict Keto Diet we recommend holding off until you are back eating carbs before whipping this one up.

Here is the Recipe from Candy | Recipes To Nourish

SUPERGREEN MATCHA OATS šŸµ You guys should know how much I love oats for breakfast āœØ I donā€™t think I will be sick of them because you can make so many different variations eg different flavour for the base and ofc go crazy on toppings šŸ˜ Yesterdayā€™s breakfast was an epic bowl of Supergreen Matcha Oats.


1/2 cup rolled oatsĀ + 1.5 cup milkĀ + 1 tsp each of matcha and super greensĀ + 1 scoop each of collagenĀ and MCT CreamrĀ from Ketao.Ā 

Topped with Berry Boost probiotics, lemon coconut cookiesĀ from Luv co,Ā Bondi Yoghurt, gojiĀ berries, hemp seeds and Cacao mueslišŸ˜‹šŸ’•

Matcha Oats with MCT

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